Darrell and Shauna Sawicki are a husband and wife team that have a combination of experience including over 20 years in all facets of the construction industry and marketing. This duo has a knack of assessing an existing property, both residential and small businesses, to see where maximum value can be added. 

Having worked on a multitude of projects across North and Central America, Darrell is able to walk onto a job site with a clear and in-depth understanding of what is required and how best to tackle the work so that proper flow and natural order is maintained during the construction process. Darrell has the uncanny ability to foresee any issues that may arise during construction, and provide solutions to his clients that ensure they are meeting all safety, code, and aesthetic requirements.   Darrell has developed strong relationships with qualified trades throughout the course of his career which allow him to provide full project management services which include framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

Shauna's background in marketing and business operations are an added value to DSC Construction's small business clients. Her proven strengths lie in her ability to see where a business can improve it's facility to increase profits, customer loyalty, productivity, and corporate culture.

DSC Construction Ltd. strives to ensure each unique project is handled with care and consideration of the big picture while working with our clients to meet their priorities.

Our Mission: To create unique, beautiful spaces for awesome people to live, work, and play!